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What Dr. Cherepanov's peers say

Dr. John Hutchinson from Harvard University:

"I regard Dr. Cherepanov as one of the most original and productive solid mechanics
researchers in the world. He has worked broadly with great insight in a number of areas.
I am especially familiar with his many contributions to fracture mechanics, which are
second to none. His book collects many of these together. It is an impressive volume,
both in volume and content… It is not out of line to call him the "Russian Jim Rice".
He has a proven record of brilliance and high productivity…
Dr. Cherepanov's interests are really quite broad… he is a remarkable individual."

Sir Alan Cottrell from University of Cambridge awarded the noble title by Queen Elisabeth for his achievements in materials science:

"He is an applied mathematician who concentrates on the mechanics of solids. A strength
of his approach is that he works on realistic materials, containing cracks, dislocations, etc, rather than on idealized ones. This has made his researches most fruitful, since he is able
to bring powerful techniques of applied mathematics to bear on problems of practical importance. He has made many pioneering and decisive contributions, especially in the
field of fracture mechanics, and several of his original discoveries have later been
're-discovered' by later investigators, often with insufficient acknowledgement…
This major figure in the mechanics of solids will receive the world recognition that he so
well deserves."

Dr. James Rice from Harvard University:

"Dr. Cherepanov is one of the major world figures in the field of the mechanics of solids
and, most especially, in the area of fracture theory. He has important contributions to the
understanding of crack tip processes and fracture mechanisms, and also to the field of
composite materials. He independently discovered the path-invariant crack tip integral
which has played a major role in the development of nonlinear fracture theory in this last
quarter century, and he provided new basic solutions for dynamic phenomena in fracture,
for all manner of static crack problems, and for fractures along material interfaces…
He is a highly creative thinker and turns out ideas at a remarkable rate... My respect for
him and admiration for his scientific accomplishments are enormous… Dr. Cherepanov is
very interested in education and has been a prolific writer of books on various aspects of
solid mechanics. His book ''Mechanics of Brittle Fracture'' (issued in English translation
by McGraw Hill in 1979, as an update of the 1974 Russian original) is a widely recognized
He has also written books on elastic-plastic stress analysis and on the mechanics
of composite materials. He is certainly able to teach courses in al1 aspects of mechanics
and in much of materials and applied mathematics."

Dr. Fazil Erdogan from Lehigh University:

"Professor Cherepanov is a highly original and very profilic researcher. In both quality and volume , his contributions to Applied Mechanics have been simply phenomenal. In terms of breadth and originality of his work, he is among the very best of all scientists in Applied Mechanics, particularly in fracture mechanics. He has made fundamental contributions on nearly every aspect of fracture mechanics, including brittle fracture, equilibrium cracks, linear and nonlinear mixed boundary value problems, path-independent integrals, inelastic fracture, fracture of Earth's crust, dynamic fracture, environmental cracking, rock mechanics, theory of microdefects, fatigue and creep cracks propagation, composites and many other topics."

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